Sada MIDI Stylů 16: All Blues

No toto je to pravé pro BLUES! To je třeba mít v každém BIAB


Styles Set 44 includes twenty great new guitar oriented styles for Band-in-a-Box featuring acoustic and electric guitars. All of these guitar oriented styles have been recorded with a MIDI guitar controller to give them authentic guitar riffs and licks including bends and other nuances of guitar playing. Many of the included styles in this set have a Bluegrass flavor. To recreate the authentic Bluegrass feel in these styles, PG Music has again employed session musician Marty Cutler to assist us with this project.

Jednotlivé MIDI styly

Na bluegrass jsou v této šabloně zaměřeny přímo tyto:

  • 1
    Bluegrass Ballad - Med. Sw.8ths [BGBALLAD.STY]
    Bluegrass Ballad style - medium swing 8ths feel. T=80-120
  • 2
    Bluegrass Pop - ev.8ths Bluegras [BGPOP.STY]
    Medium even 8ths crossover Pop with Bluegrass instruments ala AlisonK & TonyT. T=130
  • 3
    Bluegrass Rock - Up-tempo ev.8th [BGROCK.STY]
    Up-tempo even 8ths Bluegrass Rock ala Burritos & EagleBros
  • 4
    Codger - Sw.16ths Bluegrass [CODGER.STY]
    Sw 16ths feel with droning, bluesy Banjo and Acoustic Guitar, (both tuned to open D), Ac Bass, and Brush Kit Drums. Characteristic style of the bluegrass/roots-rock bands in Texas typified by DannyB and others. Drums move from stick to Brush slap at B, while guitar and bass play busier rhythm. T=80
  • 5
    GrateDed - Swing 16ths Bluegrass [GRATEDED.STY]
    Country - Swing 16ths in the style of GD and JerryG. T=114
  • 6
    New South - Sw.8ths Country Blue [NEWSOUTH.STY]
    Crossover country flavored bluegrass. 8th-note swing with banjo, A. guitar, mandolin, A Bass, and Brush -kit drums. Guitar plays simpler strums at B, and the drums switch from sidestick to snare. The style recalls the bluegrass heyday of Keith W, Ricky S, and others. T=120
  • 7
    3/4 Bluegrass Slow Waltz [34BGSLOW.STY]
    3/4 swing 8ths Bluegrass-Country style. Loose, unhurried Waltz with broad-strummed double-drop D tuning (DADGBd). This feel has been used by many groups including ArethaF & Newgrass Reunion. T=90